Social Security

Social Security: disability pensions, by age, by length of contribution, special, amnesty; death pension; sickness aid; accident assistance; imprisonment assistance; maternity pay; family allowance; accidents at work and occupational diseases; unemployment insurance;
Moral damage resulting from labor relations;
LOAS – Assistance Benefits for People with Disabilities and the Elderly;
Own Retirement and Pension Schemes: federal, state and municipal civil servants;
Open Private Pension Plans: retirement plans; annuities and income for workers; business plans;
Closed Private Pension Plans: pension funds;
Social Contributions: INSS / COFINS / PIS-PASEP / CSSL / CPMF / Self-Employed and Cooperatives / Restitution / Compensation / Tax Liability / Immunity and Exemption;
Health: health and health insurance plans; collective policies of companies;
Social Assistance: philanthropy;
Costing – Defenses and Judicial Appeals;
Social Security Crimes (Social Security Penalty);
Group Life Insurance;
Work Environment;
INSS Regressive Actions;
Defenses and appeals in administrative processes promoted by the INSS in terms of costing and benefits;
Preventive Advocacy;
Preparation of Opinions;
Service Time Counting;
Simulation of Initial Monthly Income;
Analysis of Reports and PPP for the purpose of counting special time;
Examination of documentation for the formation of the administrative procedure for granting social security benefits, and certificate of counting contribution time for purposes of reciprocal counting of length of service;
Risk assessment for companies, for the purposes of social security contributions for occupational accidents and special retirement.

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